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June 8th, 2023 | 05:41am
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Band Maven

Band Maven as a Game

Band Maven is an energy based game that drives itself on player competition in the music industry. Players take on the role of their own band, managing everything from the manager's standpoint to the actual band member's. Bands compete to earn the highest amount of fans and reach the top of their record label. The members we have are not only helpful, but are some of the brightest gamers in the industry.

Game Universe

Band Maven is set in the modern times and is all based around user click interaction. We don't have 3D graphics and nothing is flash based. The game doesn't take up a tremendous amount of screen estate and so anyone should be able to play it in any browser on any resolution. We made it our goal to allow players from all age groups to be involved and keep the environment family oriented.

Game Goals

We aren't striving to have the highest amount of players, and we definitely aren't looking to become millionaires. All we want is a working product that people enjoy. If you have fun playing the game, then the satisfaction that we get from the thought of producing it is compensation for a large bank account.


After playing quite a few music manager sim games on the internet, we always thought we could do it better. Our views on browser based games is that whether you pay to play or you're a regular user, you deserve to have the same chance at winning as everyone else. In addition to that, why hire a middle man to handle community feedback and suggestions? We're around the internet and the game every day and can be found in on-on-one conversations any time a player feels the need to chat about something.

We feel that the user makes the game, not the developer. Our game is based on this business model and will never charge for players to be the best nor will we hire someone to be our point of contact. That attitude is the reason we stopped playing all other music manager sims online and decided that we would aim to do it much better.

Developer's Story

Although we spent about a year and a half developing Band Maven, this isn't our first shot when it comes to game development. The owner of the game has spent his entire adult life doing web development at various companies until he decided that it was time to branch out and achieve something more than he would have been offered elsewhere.

Although we would all love for Band Maven to become our full-time jobs, the career aspect of the game is not what drives us to make it succeed. Our own commitment to the member base and commitment to having a working, finished and enjoyable product is what keeps our hands on the keyboards.

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Band Maven is making a comeback
November 29th, 2019


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